Magically-appearing First Post

Well, hey there. I’m not suprised if the subject of that greeting is nobody at all, since this is my first post on a lonely blog with no particular instant appeal to the masses. But, you know. It’s a start.

I don’t exactly have a lot to write about, but I don’t want to leave it at that. And waffling on in self-reference is kinda silly, too (self-referencing your self-reference, smooth).
So anyway, Christmas is only a week away. And for whatever reason, it feels way too close, and yet oh so far away, both at the same time. The year feels like it really has flown by, looking back, but I’ve had a damn good one, and I think that’s cause enough to feel pretty good about myself. I mean, being happy is better than being sad, so even this little bit of self-appreciation is something I don’t mind too much.
Looking forward to scoring an Xbox 360 and some other little goodies off of good ol’ Saint Nick this year (hopefully he pulls through)!

Considering I’ve been going on and off of trying to get one all year, hopefully this will finally bring me some closure and some more free time to watch anime/play Minecraft/wish I could think of stuff to do/come up with ideas for stuff to draw! That would certainly be nice.
…Not that I need any more free time, what with these holidays.It used to be 'castle', but the castle is too little of it! Heh.

And to do with the long-desired school holidays I’m in, I get a lot more time to think. I’m pretty glad that it’s only resulted in me looking back on each day and deciding that it was a really fun one. And then I spend the other half of the ‘day’ staying up way too late at night. To bed at 6 AM, to rise at 2 PM! I wish this didn’t end up happening every single time I don’t have scheduled events more often than not. I suppose that’s self-control (or lack thereof) for you, though. And I do get a good chance to sample all of my favourite music while I’m procrastinating about that new picture. I can see exactly how it should be completely finished, but I can’t seem to figure out which moves I need to make to get there. Surely I’m not the only person that feels this sometimes?

Well well, I certainly did end up gushing there. Especially for a first post. Whatever, it’s some kind of view into my view, and my quirky thought process, I guess, which is something a first blog post should be. I think?

P.S: The visuals around here are pretty drab right now. I’ll make something a bit prettier when I have more time and it’s not ten-to-three in the morning.


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