A self-description

I, Jack Koerner, am a teenage male.

I love to draw, read, watch, listen to, and create things.
I don’t like being forced to do things, or the fact that I never have enough money to get everything that I want. Tough life, huh?

I have some sharp senses (although I suspect that my hearing is going out because I have my iPod up too loud sometimes), and consequently, I like to observe. I look and listen to everything around me, often enjoying miniscule details that really don’t make any difference to the world by existing.

I spend my time going to school, not getting enough sleep, talking about videogames with my awesome friends, trawling the internet, drawing/working in Photoshop, and playing videogames with my awesome friends. It’s a strange life but I enjoy it.

If you want to know more, talk to me! My email/MSN is aelesis@hotmail.com (although I’m pretty cautious with MSN contacts, lots of bots these days), my Steam ID is aelesis, and I use deviantART under the name Trilbies. I love to have conversations with charming strangers (wait… that sounds a bit nasty).


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